Waraire Boswell 1

April 11th, 2014

1. Suit Sweats Harmony


“This is a classic look brought to contemporary standards. The dark Brown linen jacket, black Irish plaid shirt (w/red buttons), multi windowpane pants, red velvet slips – all colorful and harmonious in their blend.

I have long been a fan of runners (pants).  The Boswell version adds an elegant touch to a perennially athletic staple… I am glad that the Articles of Style crew is capturing this, so your readers can trace back and see the first person to do the runner under the guise of a suit fabric.”


This Fall Boswell is looking to spin-off his success in the custom business with a beautifully designed ready-to-wear line.

He’s starting by creating some buzz with a series of collaborations dropping later this month:

  • Waraire Boswell x Garrett Leight glasses: 4/20-25/2014
  • Boswell x Del Toro: 4/20-25/2014
  • Boswell x Grungy Gentleman: 4/20/2014
  • Boswell X Grover: 5/1/2014