The Go-Anywhere Outfit: Suit + Sneakers Look 2

March 20th, 2012

2. Sleek Low Tops


This outfit is so simple and easy, but so effective. It doesn’t take much longer to throw this on than the same old t-shirt & jeans – but the image upgrade is night and day.

As my girlfriend confirmed, this is a great look for dating and going out. It’s polished and put-together but still approachable and laid back. Because you don’t want to be the intimidating “works too hard” guy who wears a full business suit and tie to the bar/club, but you also don’t want to be the sloppy “doesn’t work hard enough” (or “doesn’t make enough money”, hah) guy in a t-shirt and baseball cap. An outfit like this strikes the perfect balance between successful and cool, making it “very attractive to the opposite sex”.

Bonus Tip: With a jacket you don’t want to roll the sleeves since they are usually lined (if they are unlined, go for it), rather you want to push them up the forearm over the elbow. If the sleeve is well tapered (which it should be, if not you can have it taken-in) it should keep itself up around the bicep.