Tailor-Made Swagger featuring Adam Lampell Look 3

June 29th, 2012

3. Nightlife Windowpane

Not all suits are made for a 9-5. In fact, more and more men are having custom made suits for non-work wear.

Not to mention, for some people nightlife is part of the office. Michael Andrews bespoke clothes a number of nightclub owners, managers and employees who want to look sharp and appropriate, while staying cool and masking spills.

“DB peak-lapel vest inspired again by Boardwalk Empire… I can wear this suit with a coporate-friendly shirt and tie, but its main function is after sundown… Again, often as separates – blazer with black jeans, pants with black leather jacket, etc.”

Bonus Tip: Black shirts are for night. Only.

Bonus Tip II: If the shirt is black, the buttons should be black as well – along with the leathers.

Bonus Tip III: If the fabric has black in it the buttons – which should be genuine horn – should be black.

Bonus Tip IV: You can have a little fun with the jacket lining, but keep it tasteful and complimentary to the fabric.