Spring Showers Look 2

March 20th, 2012

2. The Nylon Anorak


It doesn’t get much lighter in weight than an unlined nylon anorak. This paper-thin waterproof layer is perfect for staying dry on warm days and adding a casual dose of color.

Bonus Tip: On most of my outerwear I size down – “coats” are generally cut with a little too much room for the sharp fit that I like.

Bonus Tip II: These low-cut bean “boots” are the perfect slip-on for a quick jaunt around the corner. There also great for walking to work (if you’re the type to carry a change of “dress” shoes to work – these slip easily on and off).

Bonus Tip III: Designer crewneck fleece sweaters make no sense to me. I picked up this authentic classic for $10 at a popular sporting goods chain.