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August 17th, 2015

All About Vintage Craftsmanship

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“My first style influence was seeing old photographs of my grandfather, Alvin Gordon. He was always impaccably dressed, especially on Sundays going to church…. During university (London College of Fashion) I was what they called a ‘denim freak’. As I grew older my taste became more refined and selective, and I began wearing vintage tailoring with waistcoats and cravats. One day [as I was getting more into tailored clothing] I dressed smart to work, just because I was feeling good that morning. I’ll never forget the feeling it gave me and how differently others were looking at me and treating me… Let’s just say the rest was history. 

My style is a personal interpretation of circa 1940s-60s era. It’s a little retro, a little old-school, a little dandy. In my career as a designer it has certainly opened doors for me, as my style gives a good starting point of my aesthetic and how I put together colors, patterns and textures.”

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“Currently I create limited edition handmade neckties, which are available to buy online or at the Steven Hitchcock Bespoke tailoring shop based in St George street, Savile Row London. 

I began making ties because I was unable to find the exact tie I was looking for. I started by visiting a few vintage markets and found some old ties that inspired me. My goal was to deconstruct these old ties and trace the base pattern onto new fabric. To put it lightly, this was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done! It took many, many attempts, but I was determined and kept practicing until it came out right. Breaking something down and trying to re-build it is a great way to learn how it works. It made me look at a tie (and the art of pattern-making) in a whole different light. It also re-enforced the belief that wearing a tie was the cherry on the cake. It’s the finishing touches in menswear that make all the difference.

In addition to my own design work (RTW and Bespoke ties) I also work with Turnbull and Asser as menswear designer, which involves refreshing their seasonal collection in harmony with their extensive heritage through fit, fabrics, colors, textures, etc. We work in a vertical operation as we have our own shirt & tie factory in England, which makes product development fun. No two days are ever alike, which is very exciting!”

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