Rich Freshman 2

November 5th, 2014

2. Fresh Fall Salmon


“After a year of studying architecture in Memphis, I dropped out to start my first tailoring business. It was an alteration outsourcing company. I would drive all over the city picking-up alterations from local dry cleaners, take them back to my loft, do the tailoring, and then take them to back to the cleaners. Eventually, the business grew, and the following year I opened a tailoring storefront in downtown Memphis.

I spent my off days hanging out with and assisting other tailors, trying to hone my craft. I’m a big believer in modeling. If you find someone with skillsets or traits that you admire, spend some time learning from them…  My buddy from high school introduced me to the tailor who would ultimately become my mentor; Michael C Thomas.

He was in his 30s when i was in my 20s, you know. He was young, he was cool, and he had impeccable style. His shop became a regular spot and he’s served as a mentor ever since.”


“When my brother, my daughter, and I moved out to San Diego in 2010, I saw a void in mens’ style – especially tailoredwear. I recognized an opportunity to create what i felt was missing. So I developed my own aesthetic and shifted from alterations to made-to-measure. This was the natural course of my evolution as a tailor, I think.

Now I’m here in LA trying to make my mark in the industry and, like Dan, trying to show the world that tailoring is cool again baby! And this is what it looks like for us.”


As a traveling tailor, Rich scores some points in my book for keeping his fabric swatches and measuring tools in vintage suitcases. More on that later…