Rich Freshman 1

November 5th, 2014

1. Colorful Cord


“I don’t recall wanting to be a kid, really. I’ve always wanted to be an adult and to be treated as such. My dad was a pharmaceutical rep in the 90s… He was pretty fly and I observed how well people treated him, and how much they respected him. I wanted that identity.

I skipped over the baggy jeans and Jordans and went straight to polos, drivers, chinos, cable knits, etc. I was a broke kid, but I would save up and find good sales at Brooks Brothers… It would trip the sales staff out, I think, because here’s a 15 year-old black teen shopping with middle-aged white executive types. I can still recall the level of respect they showed me once they saw how serious I was. That’s what made me want to do this even more.”


“I’ve always enjoyed color and pattern-mixing. I don’t do the over-the- top bedazzled stuff, but I’lll take a teal jacket, mix it with a muted-brown glen plaid trouser, and balance it off with a cognac shoe.”