Oh So 70’s 3

March 26th, 2014

3. Shagadelic Suiting


The 70s were also a time when tailoring went from the boring grey and navy conservative suits of the MadMen era, to the loud, patterned, wide-lapled suits that are more popular among sartorially-forward gents today.

So for all you young guys wearing those expressive suits from brands like Suit Supply, you have some old guys (who probably have some great stories…and gems in the back of their closets) to thank.


We’ve already discussed the advantages of large collar points, to go along with wider ties.


Good news is, there’s 70s fashion inspiration all around us.

It’s easy to take (subtle) cues from movies like American Hustle or Anchorman 2, or recent fashion shows from designers like Ferragamo and Trussardi.