Neil Watson 1

September 11th, 2014

1. Early Fall Over-Shirt


“Like most of my friends in the clothing business, we never intended on being here. I was set in my first year of University to be a lawyer. Fast forward a few years and a bad break-up later, I was encouraged by my now fiancé to delve a bit deeper in menswear than just showing up to court every day in a thoughtfully coordinated suit and tie. In my last year of school, I graduated under the guise of ‘pre-law’, all the while working full-time at Ralph Lauren and graduating from sales to buying.

The back-end of menswear is a funny thing; you see the true value of goods and learn how pieces move from demand, to design, to production, to distribution, to the end consumer. I enjoyed learning the ins-and-outs of the supply chain, but the spreadsheet life eventually grew old on me.

I was seeing so much going on that I wanted to talk about. Namely the hardships of entrepreneurial life in fashion, and how often new designers would fail and start all over again… This business is very volatile, more so than most new players realize. So two years ago I began as a contributor for A&H Magazine, and slowly realized that this was where I wanted to be… Today I’m the Editor in Chief and we’re on our way to an independently funded print magazine.”


It’s still warm out, but getting a little breezy. Think of a shirt in a heavy fabric (like a rugged denim) as your first piece of outerwear during this seasonal transition.


The only casual belt you need in a rotation is a light brown woven leather, something like this one by Ralph Lauren.

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