Natty Dandy 3

December 23rd, 2013

3. Hidden Treasure


“I think I look good in dark green, so I had this three-piece made out of a Holland & Sherry fabric which has now sadly gone out of production.

From very far away it looks like a dark suit, maybe charcoal, from a bit closer it looks like a solid dark green, a little bit closer brings out the stripes, and right up close you can see the many subtle colors which make up its weave – copper, brown, orange, and at least three different shades of green.

I also love double-breasted vests with angled buttons and shawl lapels. Enough of my suits have them that I’m beginning to think of them as something of a style signature.”


“The back of the vest is a toile fabric, and I was inspired to use it by the photograph of Fyodor Pavlov in the book. I don’t know where he got it but his has skeletons, which means it’s a bit cooler than mine.”

The inspiration image, Fyodor Pavlov:

Fyodor Pavlov photographed by Rose Callahan in NYC on Feb 3, 2013

“I don’t take my jacket off very often, so I like the fact that when I do there’s something unexpected underneath it.”


“The shoes are Jeffery West. The brand is a bit too rock and roll for some people, but I think that a lot of their styles hit a nice balance between traditional and rakish. They’ve just opened their first US shop in the West Village and it’s definitely worth a visit.

At their US launch party they had a tattoo artist engraving things on people’s shoes. I have my initials on the back of my heels.”