October 30th, 2013

3. Once-In-a-Lifetime Adventure


“This look is probably most representative of how we typically dress when we’re out for a walk in the neighborhood. Some of our favorite pieces are comfort basics like a well worn-in henley or a soft crewneck sweater.

With this one we started with fresh base colors – white with different values of blue, then added some warmth with olive and walnut brown.”


“The Menswear Dog website has really become a passion project for us. An outlet to share some fun photos of our dog that make us, and hopefully others, smile.

That being said, we know that cute pictures of dogs wearing ties is only going to get us so far. People come back because we’re giving real fashion advice and operate like any other style blog would…except it happens to star a Shiba Inu. Bodhi loves doing it too; we wouldn’t be in this game if the dog wasn’t having fun. He’s a diva who loves all the attention and looks forward to shoots now – peanut butter treats go a long way.”


“Since the site has caught on we’ve both quit our day jobs to see where we can evolve this thing, but more importantly, to take a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as a family. We’re just thankful that there are so many people out there that share our weird sense of humor and get what we’re trying to do.

At this point, we’re not taking ourselves too seriously and just feel lucky that opportunities are still coming our way. We’ve recently published a calendar (available here), we have a book on the way, and we’re working on a menswear-inspired doggie fashion line. Absurd? Totally. Fun? Absolutely!”