Mike Cannon Look 3

August 6th, 2013

Business – Before


What we can learn from Mike’s “before” look:

  • A black pinstripe suit is good for nothing.
  • Mike is fair skinned with light hair, so greys and blacks really wash him out. Notice how the rich navy suit and brown accessories below flatter his skin tone and give him a glow (almost like he got a tan overnight).
  • Again, an unnaturally high three-button stance. Combined with the boxy fit of this suit Mike looks heavier, and sloppier, than he really is.
  • Vintage ties can be really cool, but chose carefully. Some of those funky abstract graphic ties from back in the day are just straight ugly.
  • Look for shoes with a natural toe shape and don’t forget the shine. Notice how much sharper and in-charge his feet look below.

Business – After


“People say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but that doesn’t stop people from judging the cover.  Almost unconsciously, [after my transformation] people at work and in my daily life have been treating me like an older, more responsible adult – asking my advice or opinion on things, asking me for directions… Suddenly I’m treated by my superiors at work more as a peer than as a younger person in the office.”