Jesse Thorn 3

July 8th, 2015

Brown in Town


“I own Put This On, of course, which remains one of the more popular menswear sites, but I don’t write for it as much as I once did. We have some great writers, so I just sort of steer the tone. I also own a podcast network called, which now has twenty podcasts. Of those, I host, co-host or produce a few, including the NPR radio show Bullseye and the comedy show Jordan Jesse Go

There’s no formula for a great podcast, but the things that really appeal to me are a great host – someone you want to spend time with – some real passion and some consideration for the audience. If you’ve got those three, you can make a podcast about rocks interesting.”


“The brown linen suit is by Luciano Barbera. I got it maybe four years ago at a consignment shop, I’d guess it’s maybe ten years old. At the time, I thought, “can I really justify buying a three-piece brown linen suit?” Turns out I wear it all the time. I look good in brown, it’s a little more LA-suitable than gray or navy, and it’s comfortable in the heat. When I can’t figure out what to wear, it’s what I grab. The tie’s an old Arny’s, which I think I got on eBay. I love their silk prints, as much as I dislike Hermes prints. The shirt is from Alan Flusser‘s custom shop, but not custom for me – I bought it from my friend Aaron, who was liquidating some samples that Flusser’s old business partner had. Maybe I paid $35 or something.

The shoes are Borrelli branded, no idea who made them, a very good Italian maker, I presume. I bought them online because they’re really plain, but reasonably shapely, and they’re easy to wear. The pocket square is Put This On – I buy handkerchief linen from Ireland and a seamstress makes them for us a few dozen at a time. In my lapel is a little silver stickpin – you can’t see but it’s a Hermes or Mercury shoe, with wings on it.”


Finally, any advice for our readers looking to build a long-term wardrobe?

“Two or three or four or five years isn’t a long period of time in your life, or for building a wardrobe. Especially for tailored clothes, which are expensive as hell…. A real small closet and budget go a long way if you take it slow and make good choices.”