Ignacio 3

October 13th, 2014

3. White Party, Year-Round
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“Being presentable is important – it’s a necessity for getting ahead in life. But having style. For me it’s my lifeblood: working on my style and being inspired by other people’s style. But I don’t know… Can you attain style? You can obtain knowledge that will enable you to develop the skill set that will make you aware of the components of style. You can gain knowledge of what best works for you – what colors favor you, enhance you, showcase your assets. What shapes elicit compliments when you wear them, for example. But I do believe true style is innate – in my case it’s about having no boundaries between art and fashion for someone else it may be much more exacting.

My suggestion to someone just starting on this journey is to refine your sartorial selections. It’s always helpful to start by having an ill-fitting garment altered by a local tailor. After that you’ll want to make a custom suiting experience part of your journey forever.

The bottom line is that style is part good taste, part knowing the rules, and part taking the risk to make your own rules… Once you know the rules you can make your own choice to follow them or break them. My motto is: ‘Enjoy what you wear. Wear what you enjoy. Then go out and show the world exactly what you are made of.’”

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“The all-white is my nod to the rule breakers out there. I say wear white whenever you want. The “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule was created by the old money crowd to differentiate between them from the nouveau riche. I say old money, nouveau riche, no money, middle class – it’s all good.”

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Look closely, inspiration is all around you. Try replacing your necktie with a sik scarf (or “long ascot”) on an open collar, or better yet, think about a high-waisted trouser with some pleat detailing.

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