Ian 2

April 3rd, 2014

2. Study Your Ratios


“You might be noticing some similarities between this and the first look; that’s no accident. I almost exclusively wear grey trousers and blue shirts in the office, and cycle through neutral colors like brown and navy for my ties and sportcoats.

Having this go-to “uniform” not only makes getting dressed easy, but it allows me to focus on the important things, like getting the fit right, instead of trying to figure out what ties goes with what shirt. As long as I stick with a light shirt, dark tie, and simple jacket, I know it’s going to be bulletproof. Some may find all of this boring and restrictive, but I find great satisfaction in the simplicity of it.

Inspired by Articles of Style and other men’s style websites, I started writing about menswear on my blog From Squalor to Baller. Contrary to what the title might imply, it’s a place where I discuss my thoughts on dressing simply and classically for various settings and my search for products that provide the best quality-per-dollar ratio.”


“Another aspect of my wardrobe that I tend to fixate on is the fit of the collar and lapel zone. I think this is the most critical area of tailored clothing, and it is often overlooked by men. I try and keep my collars substantial enough to tuck neatly under my jackets, and keep my ties and lapels in proportion with the shirt collar. When these three elements are in harmony the whole rig looks so much better.

My late grandfather is my style hero, and this vintage Omega is one of several items that I have inherited from his closet. I swap the band from time to time, but it’s on my wrist every day.”