Green Suits look 2 – Summer

January 30th, 2014

2. Summer Cotton


I’ve had this olive cotton suit for years. It was part of the MAB x Dan Trepanier collection I did back in 2011. Surprisingly, this was the first style in the collection to sell out. To those who bought them – are you still enjoying them?!

I was loving my khaki cotton suit, but wanted something a little more unique and old-school feeling. So we went with this dusty, earthy shade of olive. It’s a very subtle and easy way to pull-off a green suit. It almost reads dark khaki/light brown.


Chino suit, straw hat, and madras tie in January?!

Gotta love LA, where we leave the summer threads out all year.


We keep the shoes sharp though, so you know we’re from the #EastCoast.