Grad School Style featuring Ryan Oozeer Look 4

March 19th, 2012

4. Class -> Work -> Out


“I only like getting dressed once per day. Some days, though, I go straight from school to work, to the gym and then out. In these cases, I try to incorporate a tie in a casual way. Pairing it with comfy knits makes it look not too stuffy for the classroom nor too informal for work and/or an upscale nightlife spot.”

“On days when I’m only going to class and back home, I usually carry canvas tote (see next pic). On days when I have to run from one place to the next, however, I usually go with a duffle. It fits my books, laptop, gym clothes and toiletry bag”.

Bonus Tip: Layering knits is easy (and awesome). Just layer heavier towards the outside.