Funky Fresh Flannels feat. Alexander Sumner 1

November 5th, 2014

1. Bring the Pane

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“Both of my parents had a strong impact on the development of my style. My father, being a staunch New Englander and educated at Yale, loved his colors and his boldness was transferred in whole. My mother painted, wrote, and refinished antiques. Her sensibility spoke volumes to me; as per taking what is old and rich in character and making it new and unique.

She took me to my first Thrift Shop when I was 12 years old, which helped shape my eye and began an obsession. She gave me the understanding that in fashion (especially menswear) there is truly nothing new under the sun… I was exposed early to the benefits of classic silhouettes and wonderful craftsmanship… All of this shortly beganĀ an almost daily ritual of thrift shop treasure hunting for me.”

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I love this in-your-face chalkstripe windowpane. On a heavy flannel fabric the loud stripes are somewhat mitigated by the “fuzz” of the fabric.

If you’re going with a fabric this bold, then go just as bold with the styling. Don’t shy away from a trim double-breasted cut or a wide 5″ lapel (keeping in mind Alex is about 6’3″). In this case I also like the touch of the contrast button-holes (on the lapels and sleeves) since they’re about as visible as the chalkstripe.

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Alex is a man of detail, as seen by the cutaway/club collar, the intricacies of the tie knot, the burnishing of that incredible leather duffle bag, and the f-you-ness of the jacket lining.

Also, check out the custom-sized hip pocket on the trousers to hold his IPhone. It’s a detail that comes on all the A. Nash suits, “to keep the bulk out of your pockets”.

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