Finishing Touch – Silk Scarves Look 1

October 14th, 2012

1. Casual Friday

This time of year, a silk scarf is perfect to break the chill during your commute to the office.

A simple loop tucked under an open shirt can put a whole new spin on a typical “business casual” blazer & chinos look, providing a strong dose of personality and confidence.

Fold it in half, pass both ends through the folded loop, and tuck it behind the collar inside the shirt. After that, forget about it and wear it with conviction.

Earlier this year we meant to publish an article highlighting one of my favorite fabrics: wool hopsack.

This loosely woven textile is highly breathable and versatile due of it’s unique texture. Think of it like tweed for the Spring/Summer/early Fall.

That said, every look in this post features one piece of the camel hopsack suit I had made last season.