Fall Vintage with Wes Look 3

November 13th, 2012

3. Grandpa Cardigan

Making a list before thrifting is a great way to stay organized and avoid aimlessly wandering the unorganized racks of clothing.

I keep an updated memo of “things to add to my wardrobe” on my phone. It took a few trips, but I was able to snag this chunky shawl cardigan and cross it off my list.

Don’t forget to properly inspect the items before purchasing, too. Look for stains, moth holes, loose threads, worn out spots, etc.

Let’s be honest, practically everything in a vintage store smells. After buying second-hand clothing, your first stop should be the dry cleaners, followed by the tailor (if necessary).

The beauty of vintage clothing is that “they don’t make them like they used to”.

Clothing used to be made to last. This sweater, for example, is a beast. Made from a heavy, sturdy wool that won’t stretch out and lose its shape over time.

I like to mix vintage pieces with more modern looking ones, like these awesome kilted boots designed by Ronnie Fieg (as featured here) in collaboration with Sebago.