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May 8th, 2015

Summer 1920s

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“To find vintage, I mainly stick to purchasing within the community.  Many of these sellers go on purchasing trips throughout the United States, attend estate sales, or simply get lucky at thrift stores and resell things that don’t fit them to the members of the community first before throwing them up on eBay (another great place to search for vintage).  There are different community meet-ups where a few vendors will attend to sell and trade pieces from their personal collections.  Two guys in the community even went to an auction where all the pieces were from the archives of golden-age movie studios!  I have one jacket from the 1940’s that has a Paramount Studios label on it.

Most of my vintage stuff is all different sizes (according to the labels). I usually disregard the tag size and try it on, knowing that it will probably have to be tailored. Because fit is so important to pulling off the vintage look, almost everything I have is tailored after I buy it.  I’ve had to sacrifice many cuffs from the pants because they were too short…”

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“The purple herringbone wool jackt is from the 1920’s (which you can tell from the upturned peak lapels, but also more so from the internal labeling). The contrast collar shirt is actually a more modern piece by Ralph Lauren.  The cream flannel trousers and vintage captoe shoes are from the 1940’s. The Palm Beach fabric striped tie is a 1930s pieces, and I’m not quite sure the era of the vintage boater (I have been told it is from the 1950s, as many 1920’s boaters have not survived or are extremely expensive).”

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