Dennis Look 1

April 14th, 2014

1. Trim the Fat


“For a small guy it comes down to this: you need a good tailor. For someone like myself, at 5’5”, nothing will fit me off-the-rack. The only place that comes close is Thom Browne (his brand is geared toward small, slim guys).

The first rule is make sure it fits your shoulders, as that is the most expensive and difficult alteration. Next rule I have is slim your pant, considerably [like my boy Adam Lampell, who wears his suit trousers like skinny jeans – Dan].  This will elongate your physique and make you appear taller from a distance (nothing helps when you’re standing next to tall people).

When you’re smaller it’s all about proportion. You don’t need anything extra… Get the ‘fat’ out of your clothing.”


Suiting tips for small guys:

  • Skinny ties are your friend.
  • Make sure the button-stance of your jacket hits at the smallest part of your midsection. This way you can cut the jacket as narrowly as possible with minimal fabric pulling.
  • It’s okay to wear a slightly cropped jacket that doesn’t quite hit the crotch line, and hardly covers the seat
  • Sleeve and pant length are critical. Show 1/2″ of cuff or more, and go with minimal break.
  • Dark colors are slimming, and slimming = lengthening.

I love the subtlety of the colors in this charcoal glenplaid fabric.

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