Chelsea Boots 2

April 4th, 2014

2. West Coast Safari


Living on the Wild Wild West coast has had all kinds of influences on my style. Here for example, unconsciously showing a little southern country/safari vibes. It’s different out West…compared to the sharp lines and professional attitude of NYC.

The style if as different as the lifestyle. More on that later.


I found this white linen safari coat in a dusty vintage warehouse where we sometimes dig for treasure. It’s missing the belt, but I think I paid $7 for it. It could probably use a little nip & tuck chez Franklin – but I like it a little sloppy and flowy.

The henley was an unexpected Christmas gift from Vince. Usually I don’t promote things just because they are mailed to our office…but this cashmere henley is unbelievable soft and probably the most comfortable top I own. They’re known for the hand of their fabrics.