“Business Casual with Style” Spring/Summer Edition, featuring Marwan Helal & Pearl White Look 2

April 7th, 2012



“I love wearing lightweight unstructured blazers to work in the Spring and Suummer. They give you the look and sophistication of a jacket, but without the bulk or restriction.  This unlined cotton number hardly feels like a jacket.”

Bonus Tip: “If you don’t already own one, I strongly recommend investing in a navy or khaki cotton jacket for the warmer months. You won’t regret it. This navy one is another piece that goes with just about anything in my closet… On a side note, I’m convinced that with a properly curated closet, you could essentially get changed in the dark.”

Bonus Tip II: “I typically leave at least one of those two blazers in the office in case something comes up where I need to look more presentable. No matter what I’m wearing one of them usually works.

Bonus Tip III: I try to have my lighter-weight pants hemmed a little shorter, as I find it more appropriate and comfortable for the warmer months. My trousers may seem short to some, but hey, they’re my trousers, not yours.”

Bonus Tip IV: Here’s an example of how to quickly tweak this look for a more strict office dress code: change pocket square to white cotton, add light brown socks, change shoes to dark brown captoes or wingtips.

Bonus Tip V: “This gingham cotton pocket square is ‘made’ (folded) from the sleeve fabric of an old shirt that I cut into a short-sleeve. The shirt was too short in the sleeves anyway. Win/Win.”