Autumn Outerwear featuring Marwan Helal Look 1

June 29th, 2012

1. Unlined Cotton Trench

“As Dan has written before – you can’t go wrong with a classic trench in a dark neutral color. I can wear this thing any day of the week, rain or shine, dressed up or down, for years to come…. It’s an investment piece”

Bonus Tip: It’s not overly thick, making it perfect for those in-between months, and it has enough room to layer knits under when it gets colder.

Bonus Tip II: Think about a versatile color. “I’m not going to spend a decent amount of money on something if I’m not going to wear it much… This piece is great because you can literally throw it on without much thought.”

Bonus Tip III: Unless you wear suit jackets daily, you’re trench should be cut to fit trimly through the shoulders and arms. Because I wear them more often without a jacket underneath, my trenches typically fit well over a shirt/sweater and slightly snug over a jacket.