A Shoeman’s Shoes – Featuring Bill White Look 3

March 20th, 2012



“There will be Blood. This loafer with heavy broguing has a strong profile, even more so in burnished Anima or ““Blood” in Italian. This shoe provides perfect balance when combined with a uniform made up of a navy blazer and grey trousers.”

Bonus Tip: Try looking at this picture/outfit from the ankles up, without the shoes in the screen. Now scroll down and look at the entire photo including the shoes. Bang! Now that’s the right shoe selection.

Bonus Tip II: Another good example of a classic/neutral base (light grey trouser, white shirt, navy blazer, navy tie) as a clean canvas for a rich shoe.

Bonus Tip III: Don’t hide them, show them off – a shorter inseam and 2″ cuff is the perfect reverse-pedastal for a beautiful piece of footwear.