Our Policy

Since every AOS garment is custom-made, and we want to ensure that you love the final fit, your first order might require minor alterations upon delivery.

When your final garment arrives, upload a new fitting to your AOS account (just like your initial fitting in your try-on garments). Our tailoring team will review the fit and advise you on the alterations needed to properly adjust the garment(s). Simply email us a photo of the receipt from your local tailor, and we will reimburse you for the cost of the alterations. Once you are completely satisfied with the fit of your final garment, we will update your pattern with all the changes so your next order(s) arrive fitting spot-on out of the box.

If you gain or lose weight, you can always update the fit of your garment by uploading another fitting to your AOS account. Our tailoring team will review the fit, advise you on the alterations, and update your pattern again for your next order(s). Our garments are crafted with additional fabric in the seams to give you greater flexibility in case you change shape.

Every AOS purchase includes a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your garments or experience for any reason, you can always return them for a complete refund. For more information check out our FAQ or feel free to Contact Us.