Always Go 3-Piece

July 26th, 2017

Almost every time someone orders a suit from us, they ask “Should I add the vest?”. And we always answer: “Yes!”.

Adding the vest not only brings the formality and overall strength of the full ensemble to another level (nothing beats the entry of a 3-piece), it also gives you the ability to layer the suit in many different ways.

For example, when it gets hot out in July and August, we usually leave our jackets at home and wear only the vest with the trousers.

Here Wes gives us a few examples of his “Summer 2-Piece”.

August 2-Piece

“Nothing can replace the feeling of wearing a full suit – especially one that’s cut for you – but as far as being comfortable while sitting at a desk…not having sleeves makes a world of difference. The other advantage is that the vest keeps your waistline clean, neat and professional (it hits the shirt bunching/billowing around the waist), not to mention the risk of any back-sweat showing through your shirt.

Adding lapels to a vest can seem a bit dandy (which is not usually my bag), but it all comes down to personal preference and fabric selection. Something about lapels makes a vest feel more like a stand-alone garment, rather than a bastard waistcoat that lost its jacket.”


Burgundy Worsted Vest

Burgundy Worsted Trouser

Tailored Polo

“In an effort to keep my entire wardrobe in that “dressy/casual” sweet spot, I’ll wear a vest in a casual fabric (like our midnight seersucker), unbutton the entire thing, and pair it with a simple t-shirt or polo.

Unrelated: I find it funny that waistcoat pockets were originally designed to hold pocket watches (w/ a chain looped through one buttonhole) and now it houses my phone – aka my whole life… It always reminds me that we have so much more at our disposal than past generations did… It also reminds me to not get lost in these distractions, and remember to appreciate life one minute at a time…”

“Yes, Dan is wearing the jacket. No, we’re not starting a band.”


Midnight Seersucker Suit

Summer’s Finest

“There was a day, not long ago, when I NEVER wore hats. Wouldn’t even think about it. I always thought they looked silly and gimmicky. Dan kept trying to get me to wear them to ‘polish the look’…but I wasn’t about it.

As with many things in life, all it took was my lady to tell me that this particular hat – a forest green rabbit felt – looked good on me. All of a sudden Dan’s hat was now mine…and he still thinks it was him that convinced me.”


Pure Linen Trouser in Cream

Olive Mini Bengal Stripe Shirt

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,


Photography by Alex Crawford