Going All Hollywood

May 12th, 2017

It’s always fun to learn about our clients and their individual tailoring needs.

My good friend Jelani Johnson is a rising star in the Hollywood agency world who is fast becoming known in the industry for his sharply-tailored style. 

Because he lives in LA, he sticks to lightweight, breathable fabrics. Because he’s still young in the business, he wears mostly classic colors and subtle patterns. Because it’s show-business, after all, he uses the occasional statement piece to keep his clients (and himself) excited and inspired. 

Here’s what a week in the life of a motion picture agent looks like…once they become a client of AoS, of course ;)

The Client Pitch

A thin “hairline” pinstripe is a strong choice for gentlemen who want to look professional, but work in creative environments. The subtlety in the stripe shows attention to detail, without coming off as overly “corporate”.

Our Hairline Stripe Worsted fabric is a 4-season pure wool milled in Italy by Vitale Barberis. This cloth is meticulously engineered to strike the perfect balance between reliable durability, elegant drape and luxurious handfeel. The 1/16″ dotted stripes are very faint and subtle. From a few yards distance the fabric reads almost like a solid, which makes it very easy to pair with other stripes, colors and patterns.


Hairline Stripe Worsted Suit in Navy

White Broadcloth Shirt

The Production Meeting

A subtle glenplaid, in a classic grey & blue colorway, is an investment suit that can cross over from season to season, year to year, and city to city.

Our Windsor Glenplaid fabric is milled in Italy by Vitale Barberis. This legendary pattern, nicknamed the “Prince of Wales Check” as it was popularized by the royal style icon of the 1920’s, is a 4-season worsted wool with a woven twill comprised of small and large checks. It’s slightly sporty, very traditional and relatively muted, making it a favorite among businessmen looking to add some variety to their go-to suit wardrobe.


Windsor Glenplaid Worsted Suit in Gray/Blue

White Broadcloth Shirt

The Media Interview

Sticking to the theme of micro-patterns that look like solids from a distance, our Black & White Micro Houndstooth fabric is a modern take on the traditional houndstooth which dates back roughly a hundred years and is frequently seen throughout the history of menswear.

The traditional “dogtooth” design has been reduced in scale (some call this mini version “puppytooth”) which makes it appear more like a solid texture and allows you to pair it with just about any other color, fabric or pattern.


Worsted Wool Suit in Black & White Houndstooth

White Broadcloth Shirt

The Big Premiere

When the bright lights come out, a statement suit can bring a special sense of occasion and elevate the event.

Our Dusty Tomato Worsted is a pure wool in a “super 120s” fineness designed to strike the perfect balance between luxe hand feel and reliable durability. The unique color of this cloth makes for a tasteful “statement suit” that is bold, but also flattering and easy on the eyes. This cool-red color is particularly flattering on gentlemen with warm brown skin tones.


Dusty Tomato Worsted Suit

White Broadcloth Shirt

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Photography by Alex Crawford