Mixing & Matching with Ignacio

May 16th, 2017

Our friend Ignacio Quiles might be the coolest guy I know.

Every time we release a collection, I always ask him to come through and share his honest opinions.

I never know which pieces he’s going to gravitate toward and he always puts together combinations that I’ve never tried. It’s a great pressure-test for our fabric collections, as they are intended to be mixed-and-matched and adapted to each of our client’s personal style.

Here Ignacio gives us an idea of the versatility in the collection by mixing-and-matching his favorite pieces.  

Tropical Wool x Dyed Seersucker

He got started with two of the lightest-weight fabrics known to man: tropical performance wool & cotton seersucker.

If you’re the type of guy that “runs hot”, or simply hates sweating, it doesn’t get any more breathable and comfortable than this.


Stone Tropical Performance Suit

White with Blue Double Stripe Shirt

Tropical Wool x Silk Houndstooth

Take the trouser from that same tropical wool suit and use it as a neutral base for just about any separates combo.

The performance fabric has a flat texture with little sheen, which makes it a perfect match for Spring/Summer sportcoats that have silk blends – like our “Summer Tweed” houndsooth.

The light grey trouser is, after all, one of the most versatile garments in menswear.

The natural stretch (ie “performance”) in this cloth makes a significant difference in terms of comfort, drape and wrinkle-resistance.

It’s hard to explain how lightweight these trousers really are – for anyone interested in getting properly fitted – I’m personally offering you a no-sweat guarantee ;)

Tobacco Gaberdine x Cream Chino

Continuing on with our skin tone inspirations and our obsession with earthtones here, blending tobacco gaberdine with legendary cream chino.

Extra points for the chunky tortoise glasses and the touch of blond.


Tobacco Gaberdine Suit

Cream Chino Cotton Trouser

Tobacco Gaberdine x Triple Blend Hopsack

A tobacco worsted fabric makes for an extremely versatile pair of trousers, one that you can pair with blues, browns, beiges, greens, burgundies…just about any color, really.

When it gets warm out, I would strongly consider swapping our your sportcoat for a tailored waistcoat.


Triple-Blend Hopsack Vest in Steel Blue

Tobacco Gaberdine Trouser

Cherrywood Worsted x Sand Linen

Here’s a color combo that works in Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer: burgundy & beige.

Ignacio brilliantly accents it with soft mint green, chocolate brown and touches of gold.


Burgundy Worsted Suit

Sand Linen Trouser

Cherrywood Worsted x Forest Wool/Linen

Another color combo that works across all 4 seasons: burgundy and mid-green.

In “The Best of Both Worlds” (wool x linen) I forgot to show the jacket as a sportcoat – thankfully Ignacio’s on the same page.

Again with the subtle touches of yellow and gold – perfect for Spring.


Forest Wool & Linen Jacket

Burgundy Worsted Trouser

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Photography by Alex Crawford