Silky Smooth Spring Layering

May 1st, 2017

A great wardrobe starts with great outerwear, and as far as men of style are concerned, outerwear is not just for the winter.

A “duster”, for example, is a lightweight, unlined outer shell that was pioneered by cowboys and desert runners to keep the dust out of their mouths and sun off their backs. Menswear after all, starts with old-world function and, over time, evolves into modern style that harkens back to the days of the gentleman. 

A Spring/Summer layering coat is nothing new. I’ve been wearing them for years – it’s the easiest way to layer in the warmer months, it affords you plenty of pocket room for your daily carry (without stuffed pockets), and it always looks more suave than a simple polo & chinos – especially when night falls. 

Last season our take on the “luxury duster” was the Silk Tweed Mac and this season our version is the Summer Tweed Herringbone Topcoat.

Here Wes takes it for a test drive around SoHo, to give you an idea of the layering potential throughout the warmer (and cooler) months. 

Easy as 1, 2, 3

“This outfit is a personal as it gets for me, I’m just straight up comfortable.

For those who live in NYC, you know the “Spring” weather can be somewhat bi-polar and unpredictable. Being able to throw on a piece like this gives almost any casual outfit the extra level you need to feel confident and comfortable without looking too out of place. I often say the best fits are only 3 pieces: shirt (band collar), white jeans (frayed) and topcoat (silky).

Truth be told, Dan wanted to use this fabric for a sportcoat, but I talked him into an overcoat instead. Unlike a lot of people in #menswear, I don’t normally wear sportcoats and will always try to find something that’s slightly different because, let’s be honest, I’m from NYC and I love to stunt (subtly).”


Pure Silk Matka Coat

Man In the Middle

“Blatantly ripped this outfit from one of Dan’s posts when the fellas were out in LA.

This pretty much sums up the AoS way of dressing, whether we call it “down the middle” or “casually tailored”. It’s one part dressy, one part casual…ready for anything NYC can throw at you…from early morning to late in the evening.”


Pure Silk Matka Coat

Spring Suited

“Of course, it’s not just for Spring.

With the weather being so unpredictable (and warmer than usual) I prefer to call this a ‘4-Season Topcoat’…

My favorite part is that is allows me to stretch my lightweight suits long into the Fall.”


Pure Silk Matka Coat

Blue Bengal Stripe Oxford Shirt

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in Style,