Gentleman’s Athleisure

March 27th, 2017

It’s an interesting time for menswear.

On the one hand, there’s a resurgence of classic tailoring happening that harkens back to an era when men invested in a long-term wardrobes to express themselves with elegance and integrity.

On the other hand, we’re experiencing an athleticwear movement driven by comfort and a more relaxed work environment, which is crossing over into all areas of a the modern man’s life.

What’s interesting, especially in the streets of Soho near the AoS headquarters, is that these two style movements are often being worn together. It’s a look that is very specific to our current culture – one that we are calling “Gentleman’s Athlesiure”.

At first I was skeptical, but I’ve been seeing this cross-over happen right before my eyes, via our editorial director Wes. He’s a stylish and menswear professional by trade but his latest passion is powerlifting, which means he comes to work dressed to the nines, and leaves work ready to go 100 at the gym.

In his own words “It’s about practicality, but it’s also about versatility… Wearing a cashmere topcoat over a pair of slim-fit sweat pants is me, in a nutshell… Here’s a few ways I blend AoS’ classic menswear with my favorite gym attire…”

Cashmere x Fleece


“No sense packing two coats for my commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan… I also prefer the silhouette, hand feel, and pocket access of this topcoat over any casual parka.”


“You already know I’m all about finding deals… As much as I wish I had  the white version of these Flyknit Trainers, finding these for $17.50 (yup – $17.50) at a Crossroads re-sale store is one of my favorite steals ever…and I’ve dug up some gold…”

  • Navy Beanie by Army Navy Store ·
  • Tobacco Cashmere Coat by Articles of Style ·
  • Gray Dri-Fit Hoodie by Nike ·
  • Gray Tech Fleece Pants by Nike ·
  • Black Flyknit Trainer+ by Nike

Tweed x Leggings


“I prefer a universal coat that I can throw over anything  – and I found that in this herringbone tweed mac. I can throw it over anything from a suit, to a hoody and workout gear.

The best part is, I have it stocked with my daily carry, so I never have to empty and re-load my pockets… Just get to the gym, hang the coat, and I’m warming up for my training in a matter of minutes.”

  • Navy Beanie by Army Navy Store ·
  • Gray Herringbone Tweed Coat by Articles of Style ·
  • Gray Dri-Fit Hoodie by Nike ·
  • Gray Tech Fleece Shorts by Nike ·
  • Black Running Tights by Nike ·
  • Black Flyknit Trainer+ by Nike

The Unbreakable Oxford


“Our USA Oxford Shirt is absolutely unbreakable. It’s made from super-dense 4-ply oxford cotton that is built to last and break-in over time, like a classic oxford should.

The best part is, the fabric is milled right in the USA – making this a fully American-made garment from start to finish, including fittings with American tailors.”


Blue USA Oxford Shirt

  • Navy Flannel Snapback by Reason Clothing ·
  • Black Suede Moto Jacket by BLK DNM ·
  • Gray Zip Hoodie Vintage ·
  • Black Tech Fleece Joggers by Nike ·
  • Wolf Gray Inneva Woven Frees by Nike ·
  • Canvas tote bag by Filson
  • · Blue USA Oxford Shirt by Articles of Style

Elevate, Elevate, Elevate


“A proper-fitting unstructured jacket is the easiest way to elevate any outfit. If I’m not sure what the day/night holds, I’ll throw one on over my most casual/comfortable pieces…

Here I’m wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants, but that’s not what it looks like a first glance… It is, however, just as comfortable when you find a fabric like this silk/wool/cashmere ‘slub tweed’.”


Slub Silk Tweed Jacket

Thanks, as always, for reading. 

Stay Tailored,