The Unstoppable Gray Flannel Suit

October 27th, 2016

The gray flannel suit has been part of the well-dressed man’s wardrobe for more than 100 years.

Stylish men of every era have been spotted in their own bespoke versions of this legendary cloth known for it’s elegance, masculinity, and versatility. In the 1920s it was Fred Astaire. It the 1940s it was President Truman. In the 1960s it was Sean Connery (aka James Bond). Arguably the best-dressed man of all time, Gianni Agnelli has spent a good part of his life in gray flannel. In the early 2000’s we saw it on Kanye West, and today it’s regularly spotted on menswear influencers like Nick Wooster and Alessandro Squarzi.

I think it’s safe to say that mid gray flannel is a staple menswear fabric that is built to last the test of time. The key is finding the perfect medium color, the ideal weight & texture and – as always – getting the fit right for your body type.

Here are a few of the hundreds of ways you can use a mid gray flannel suit to boost your entire Fall/Winter style.

The Ultimate Fall/Winter Business Suit


I wear a medium gray flannel suit (or at least the seperates) roughly once a week from October to March, because it’s incredibly warm, comfortable and versatile.

I can wear it as a suit or separates with every one of my shirts, trousers and jackets, which is the key to curating a smart capsule wardrobe that allows you to “get dressed in the dark”. Think of it as making your life easier, and more stylish.


Navy Bengal Stripe Poplin Shirt

The Ultimate Fall/Winter Jacket


A perfect pairing for the mid gray flannel suit is our essential charcoal.

You can mix-and-match each of the garments which, if you go with the 3-piece in both, gives you lots of smooth styling options.


Essential Charcoal Trousers

The Ultimate Fall/Winter Trouser


Replace your jeans with gray flannel trousers, and you’ll quickly understand the added comfort and versatility.

For plenty more styling ideas, remember you can always use the AoS Style Guide. Try searching by “Clothing Item” ->”Pants” -> “Trousers” -> “Gray”…for example.


We’ve recently added a band collar as a design option for our custom shirts – which is the perfect update to the classic American oxford.

  • Black chunky cardigan sweater by Vince ·
  • Mid Gray Flannel Trousers by Articles of Style ·
  • Black pebbled leather kilted chukka boots by J. FitzPatrick ·
  • Sierra Leone Sunglasses by Article One
  • · White USA Oxford Shirt by Articles of Style

White USA Oxford Shirt

The Ultimate Fall/Winter Leisure Suit


As you probably know by now, I love wearing an unstructured suit without a shirt a tie – it’s often unexpected and always appreciated.

A cashmere turtleneck and a tweed coat, for example, is an elegant and smooth way to stay warm and comfortable in cold temperatures.


Arctic Coast Tweed Coat

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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