The Ultimate Corduroy Suit

November 27th, 2016

When you first design a collection, you really don’t know which pieces are going to become your favorites, until you start wearing them. 

Our Chestnut Corduroy was actually a last-second addition to the AOS FW16 collection, by request from one of our readers. “How can you guys have an American tailoring collection, and not have a corduroy fabric in the offering!?” he wrote. He went on to school me on the history of corduroy, the benefits of casual comfort and warmth, the iconic men known for corduroy suits like Wes Anderson, even fictional characters like Fantastic Mr. Fox… This guy was passionate about his cord.

Side-note: as for Wes Anderson and his iconic corduroy suit(s), I think the gentlemen at A Continuous Lean broke it down best:

“The corduroy suit just well, suits him. There has been so much talk over the past few years about “casual suiting,” but a lot of that focus is upon fit, rather than fabric. Anderson’s uniform demonstrates how that relaxed feel of corduroy makes for the perfect casual suit. Just look at how Anderson wears it – on set, in interviews, in photoshoots, even on the red carpet (except notably at the Oscars recently). He works in it, he plays in it, he lives in it. And that’s what corduroy was initially designed for, as a country sporting fabric that could go over the bridge, through the woods, and back home again for cocktails. Today, that everyday vibe is more important than ever. A suit should be easy, you should be able to toss it on every morning and never think about it again for the rest of the day, no matter where that day may take you. And that’s exactly what a corduroy suit does. Just take it from Wes.”

Well, I have to say, this guy was right. As our collection started rolling in, the pima cotton Chestnut Corduroy become a quick favorite, to the point where I’m having a hard time leaving it hanging in the showroom and not wearing it regularly.

So if you’ve been thinking about adding a “leisure suit” to your arsenal, here are a few looks to get you thinking, along with some reasons why a corduroy suit can really open up your wardrobe long-term.

The Creative Class


As business and art continue to overlap – thanks in part to the boom of e-commerce and a “plugged-in” generation – more and more people are working in “creative office” atmospheres. Therefore, the “business suit” as we know it, has changed for a large number of professionals.

There is still tremendous value to looking sharp, polished and professional, of course. But in the modern business landscape there is also a very real sense of looking overly corporate and out-of-touch with the new generation of creatives and digital entrepreneurs.


Khaki & Navy Houndstooth Tweed Coat

Blue Bengal Stripe Oxford Shirt

Leisure Suit Season


The beauty of a corduroy suit, especially one cut from pima cotton, is how soft and comfortable it is. It doesn’t feel like a “business suit” at all, it feels more like a sweat suit. You can’t help but be calm, cool and collected in a fabric like this.

To amplify the comfort and casual vibes of this fabric, I like to wear it with just a simple crewneck sweater. This is a super easy way to get dressed in the morning (unstructured suit + simple sweater + dress boots) that always looks stylish and chic.

  • Chestnut Corduroy Suit by Articles of Style ·
  • Off-White Knit Crewneck by Jack Spade ·
  • Pocket Square by Drake’s ·
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic ·
  • Chocolate suede captoe boots by Johnston & Murphy

No New Friends


The best part of investing in a well-fitting corduroy suit is that you’re probably going to wear the jacket and trousers more often as separates – which means you’ll be well-tailored even in the most casual settings.

The corduroy jacket, for example, has a reputation for lasting a very long time and developing a personal relationship with the wearer. It’s one of those elusive menswear items that gets better with age.


Salmon Bengal Stripe Oxford Shirt

Those Old Things?


Don’t need to say much here… There’s nothing like a pair of custom-made corduroys.

In the right color, like this chestnut/tobacco, you can wear them with virtually anything.


Pima Corduroy Trouser in Chestnut

Yellow Bengal Stripe Oxford Shirt

Tailor Made in America


Chestnut Cordory Suit

Thanks, as always, for reading. If you have any questions about our online custom menswear, feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to serving as your personal tailor and stylist. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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