The Best Sneakers to Wear with Suits

October 17th, 2016

The keys to pulling off the suit + sneakers look:

  1. The fit of the suit is everything, especially the trousers which should tapered with little-to-no break
  2. The suit needs to be unstructured. Shoulder pads with sneakers will have you looking like Jerry Seinfeld.
  3. The fabric should be textured and seasonal. This gives the suit an appropriate, leisurely, non-corporate vibe.
  4. The right sneakers, or course. Think low-top, no-frills, classics.

We tapped downtown NYC legend, and former backcourt mate, Niko Scott to show us a few kicks that are designed to be well-suited. 

Lanvin Captoe Trainers


The quality of the sneaker goes a long way in keeping up with a good suit.

These handmade suede & leather sneakers by Lanvin almost steal the show from our pima cotton Chestnut Corduroy… Almost.

  • Sunglasses by Moscot ·
  • Chestnut Corduroy Suit by Articles of Style ·
  • Navy and White Striped Sweater by Vince ·
  • Brown Suede/Patent Leather Sneaker by Lanvin

Vans Authentic Low


If you’re planning to sharpen-up a pair Vans, make it a pair in a unique fabric that is slightly more luxe than the traditional cotton canvas – like these genuine suede versions, for example.

On another note, our updated “sweat suit” fabric is a whole new level of tailoring…but more on that later.


Ribbed Jersey Knit Suit

Common Projects Achilles


Readers often ask if Common Projects are worth the $400 price tag. As anyone who has owned a pair will tell you, yes, they are. There’s something about the leather and construction of these – they last incredibly well and actually build a patina over time, similar to pair of benchmade lace-ups.

This pair (Niko’s own) is more than four years old and have been worn through the worst of NYC winters. The “serial number” is completely rubbed off, but they are still kicking – a fresh shine would probably go a long way as well.


Blue USA Oxford Shirt

Adidas Stan Smiths


If the $400 price tag is too steep, you really can’t go wrong with low-top classics in all white, like Stan Smiths.

Scoring a rare release (like these “whole-cut unstructured” versions) will elevate the selection for the sneaker connoisseurs, too.


Hollywood Flannel Suit

White USA Oxford Shirt

Thanks, as always, for reading – and special thanks to Niko for participating!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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