What You Can Learn From: @KamauHosten

July 6th, 2016

Kamau Hosten (as profiled here) is a master of minimal tailoring.

Here’s a few things you can pick up from following him on instagram.

1. A trim dark suit can be a semi-casual item, just pair it with a lush v-neck polo knit and some simple, refined accessories. As always, fit is everything to nail a minimal look like this.

2. Consider adding some burgundy to your tailored wardrobe. And if you’re working with a long scarf, give it a simple loop at chest level like you just come back from Paris.

3. Don’t be afraid to go three buttons deep, if the summer heat calls for it.

4. Summer time combo: panama hat + white trousers. Featuring our friends Jason Andrew and Karl-Edwin Guerre.

5. A flannel suit with a turtleneck in the Fall is extra smooth and never fails.

6. If it fits properly, a trim double-breasted jacket can be worn open, with waxed jeans and chelsea boots.

7. Find a mentor and learn from those who have studied the game. Our friend Bruce Boyer is one of America’s best classic menswear writers, check out his words of wisdom in our interview.

8. When you invest in classic garments that are well crafted and properly tailored, dressing with style is easy. Keep it simple, monochromatic, and let the tailoring speak for itself.

9. Green gators? Probably not. Green socks with brown gators. Hell yea. Kamau knows about refining the finishing touches: like the tie dimple, the timeless tank watch, and the overall proportions.

10. A short sleeve shirt should hit around mid-bicep, and be short enough to wear untucked. Also, tropical wool trousers are much better than jeans for summer heat – have them tapered with minimal break and pair them with some classic sneakers.

11. A floral pattern is tough to pull off for a man. I would save it for the occasional daytime celebration, and keep the rest of your look simple and sleek.

12. If you change body shape, get the necessary alterations done to your tailored garments. It’s a one-time fix that will revitalize your wardrobe investments and show-off your new body. That’s the real beauty of classic tailoring; your garments can be molded as your body changes over time.

13. You can never go wrong with a classic navy topcoat. You’ll wear it all season long, for years to come. Extra points for the dandy accessories here – tweed newsboy cap and purple socks in green Belgian loafers.


Thanks, as always, for reading. If you have any questions about our online custom menswear, feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to serving as your personal tailor and stylist. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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