1 Piece/3 Ways: The Pure Silk Matka Mac

April 11th, 2016

There’s nothing quite like a tailored outerwear garment in a lightweight menswear fabric.

So few gentlemen take advantage of lightweight layering coats, that a good one is an instant stand-out. There’s no reason to lose the layering potential and elegance of a 3/4 length coat, just because it’s not winter time. A light coat doesn’t have to be a short coat, especially with all the breathable fabrics being created for menswear now.

Take this pure “donegal tweed” silk for example. It combines the luxurious sheen, breathing properties and incredible hand feel of pure silk with a rugged, masculine, tweed-like texture comprised of khakis, caramels and creams. This is one of those rare, unique fabrics that, as a menswear designer, you literally jump for joy when you find.

With that said, here are three of the hundreds of ways to wear our Pure Silk Matka Coat this Spring/Summer/Fall.

Casual Tailoring

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When you have an edited wardrobe with the right pieces, dressing casually becomes very easy. The key is investing in garments that fit you well, have timeless designs and are cut from versatile fabrics…the rest is just about keeping it simple.

A trim cashmere sweater with a well-tailored pair of trousers is a very strong foundation. Start with that, add an accessory (like a light scarf or a hat) and throw on a light jacket. Don’t over think it.

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Pure Silk Matka Coat

Burgundy Worsted Trouser

Spring Layering

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Another simple base that works almost every time: oxford shirt + tailored denim + unstructured jacket.

In this case it’s a bengal stripe oxford, white jeans and a silk/linen herringbone jacket…but there are countless combos that would work great under this neutral silk mac.

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Pure Silk Matka Coat

Marine Linen Suit

Blend Neutrals

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Beiges, khakis, tans, caramels, browns… It’s hard to go wrong in this earthy color family, since these shades almost always compliment each other.

Use a light base with a little bit of soft color – like this mint shirt and emerald tie for example – to present your face and bring it all together.

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Pure Silk Matka Coat

Silk Tweed Houndstooth Vest

Silk Swatch

To get a sense of the unique texture of this cloth, click the swatch above to get up close.

This fabric is not just for a Mac, it can be used for any of our outerwear styles (we just used it to make an incredible Topcoat for a client). It could also be used for an amazing Spring/Summer shawl dinner jacket… Hit me if you’re feeling creative ;)

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier