Uptown Luxe, Downtown Grit feat. Casey Bickley

February 23rd, 2012

My friend Casey Bickley has a unique sense of style and an even more unique story to go along with it.

He was born in Texas, attended boarding school in Minnesta on a hockey scholarship, played varsity at West Point and spent five years in the army before leaving his duties as a captain to pursue his true passion; fashion & style.

With plenty of alpha-male experience under his belt, Casey is now expressing years of pent-up talent and creativity as the newest member of the styling team at Michael Andrews Bespoke.

I love meeting masculine guys, from different backgrounds and walks of life, who are expressing their interest for fashion and style. In my opinion, Casey (hockey player -> soldier -> stylist) and I (farmboy -> basketball player -> blogger) are just two examples of a new generation of fashion-conscious “guy’s guys”.

Here, Casey shows us how he gets down in NYC’s East Village.

1. Tailored ToughGuy

What I love most about Casey’s style:

1. He only buys quality pieces that will last the test of time, and wears the hell out of them.

2. He combines classic menswear elements with slightly more forward silhouettes and proportions.

3. He doesn’t give a f*ck what anybody thinks. He wears what he likes and is 100% confident in it.

He understands that well-made outerwear, like every coat in this post, is always a good investment. The design should be classic, the construction should be strong and the fabric should be sleek since you’ll be wearing it often, hopefully for decades to come.

“Now that I work in mens custom clothing, I like to experiment with bolder suiting fabrics. I typically pair a louder pattern with more muted shirts and ties.”


Mid Gray Flannel Suit

2. Subtle Utilitarian Fur 

“I love Yves Salomon [the Parisian Furrier] but I couldn’t afford a true Salomon fur piece (I think they retail around 30K Euro).

My wife and I love traveling to Paris…I’ve walked by the store several times and always wanted one. This collaboration with Opening Ceremony is a well-constructed, more affordable, alternative.”

When you find something you love, don’t be afraid to stock up.  A “perfect” design sometimes only needs a fabric change.

“I have four pairs of YSL boots, I love the quality fit and style. They’re my favorite footwear for Spring and Fall. I prowl vintage and used clothing stores for older pairs in my size and have the soles refurbished.”

  • Grey knit cardigan by Save Khaki ·
  • Grey wool backpack by Steven Alan ·
  • Black fur-lined coat by Yves Salomon for Opening Ceremony ·
  • Brown leather chelsea boots by Yves Saint Laurent

3. Rugged & Fitted

“This is my severe winter look. When everyone is shivering, I am warm”

Everything in this look is very masculine, utilitarian and rugged, but Casey puts his own spin on it using fit and proportion.

  • Navy coat by Golden Goose ·
  • Denim jacket by BLK DNM ·
  • Shirt by OAK ·
  • Mitts by Faribault Woolen Mill ·
  • Brown 12″ boots by LL Bean

4. In-Your-Face Fur

Can’t wait to see the comments on this one. Casey and I both realize this won’t be everyone’s “cup of tea”.

Authentic old-world Texas taxidermy, a beautiful leather piece, denim shirt, tweed trousers, fine suede boots…

Something about Casey’s style, as shown in this particular look, is like “old-world woodsman meets modern city dweller”.

“Most of my looks are usually understated in terms of colors, but more aggressive in terms of fit and proportion.

I like to create forward looks using classic pieces that others would wear much more conservatively.”

  • Brown suede boots by Paul Smith ·
  • Grey cardigan by Steven Alan ·
  • Grey flannel shirt by Nom De Guerre ·
  • Brown leather belted safari jacket by Ralph Lauren Purple Label ·
  • Tweed pants by Wings and Horns

5. Feminine Neckline

“My looks are generally based on construction and fit. I’m a shorter guy [Casey is 5’8] so I am very careful about proportion”

One of his secrets – he shares pieces with his wife – like scarves, the sweater here, and the cardigan in look 4.

A feminine neckline really makes this look his. 

  • Brown leather bomber by BLK DNM ·
  • Blue chambray shirt by Seyrig ·
  • Burgundy tassel loafers by Bass ·
  • Gold hand-engraved aviator shades by Matsuda Eyewear ·
  • Black waxed jeans by Nudie Jeans

Thanks, as always, for reading – and special thanks to Casey for participating.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford