Cashmere Smooth

February 29th, 2016

There’s nothing smoother – literally and figuratively – than pure cashmere. In the jungle of menswear fabrics, this rare goat hair is the undisputed king.

A pure cashmere fabric insulates three times as effectively as wool of the same weight. This means that a cashmere overcoat doesn’t have to be big and bulky to be warm. So it’s not just about the butter-soft hand, the effortless drape, or the luxurious sheen – it’s also about the fineness of the cloth that allows it to be tailored trim for a rakish, 3-season coat.

With that said, here we highlight one of the newest additions to the AOS collection; our tobacco cashmere overcoat.

Earthtone Layering


I was so excited when I found this perfect rich tobacco color. It’s timeless, flattering on any skin tone, and works with many different color combos.

How about this for a palette: tobacco, burgundy, chestnut, yellow, oxblood. When looking for color inspiration, look to mother nature.


Tobacco Cashmere Coat

Burgundy Worsted Suit

Re-Think Casual


It’s time to re-think your casual attire gentlemen, and add a little elegance to your day-to-day style.

An outfit like this (cashmere overcoat, band collar shirt, waistcoat + trouser, and oxblood loafers) is soft, comfortable and sartorially nonchalant. Not to mention, each garment is super versatile and designed to last the test of time.


Tobacco Cashmere Coat

Cotton Silk Herringbone Vest

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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