Living A Separates Life

February 26th, 2016

The process of starting, funding and growing a business involves exhaustive market research. The team and I have been pouring over countless reports from Euromonitor, IBISWorld, Goldman Sachs, etc. studying and summarizing market trends across the menswear industry. What we found, time and time again, was evidence that classic tailored menswear is experiencing, and should continue to experience, a strong resurgence driven by millennial consumers.

This was great to officially read and discover. I’ve always felt the swing in the menswear industry simply by observing it closely, documenting it, and having access to some of the parties who drive it – but to see actual market statistics highlighting an increasing demand for quality tailored garments has been encouraging.

Studies have shown that menswear grew faster than womenswear for the second consecutive year, reflecting a big sales leap in both emerging and developed markets. Especially significant is the fact that the tailoring category in particular is experiencing a major resurgence and is driving the major growth of the menswear industry. Euromonitor put it best in their study of the current male consumer: “Perhaps no other staple garment reflects the evolving menswear industry quite like the suit… Millennial consumers are beginning to consider suits more of a fashion statement rather than a traditional uniform.”

With that said, as more and more men continue to wear tailoring for style – not necessarily as a corporate uniform – I think we’re going to start seeing more gentlemen wearing separates. It’s more creative, expressive and casual than a suit – and the fabric combinations are endless.

Here are a couple to consider adding to your wardrobe.

Burgundy & Glenplaid


This is actually the jacket from one suit with the trousers from another. As much as I can, I try to design our collections in such a way that the majority of the fabrics can be worn together as separates. This gives us the ability to help each of our clients create the perfect “capsule wardrobe” that they will get the most use out of, and build on long-term.

That, after all, is the beauty of slow fashion.


Some combinations are better better than others, of course.

A dark saturated jacket (like our burgundy worsted) with a muted neutral trouser (like our classic glenplaid – coming soon) is an easy recipe for a great pairing.


The best part about a good separates look; it can be business appropriate (with the tie) or instantly “smart casual” (remove the tie). One of those day-to-life outfits that makes life easier – in more ways than one.


Worsted Wool Jacket in Cherrywood

Sky Blue Broadcloth Shirt

Fresco & Chocolate


Believe is or not, this used to be casual attire, in the age of elegance. It’s nice to hear that there are more and more men seeking to bring it back. Good tailoring can define an age and encourage manners and respect. I believe if a man looks like a gentleman, then he feels like a gentleman, and if he feels like a gentleman, then here’s more likely to act like one.


One of the new additions to our Spring/Summer collection is this beautiful medium grey wool fresco, paired here with the super versatile dark chocolate 4-season trouser.

Fresco is a lightweight cloth designed for maximum breathability – ideal for warm Spring/Summer days or for clients who generally run hot. The word fresco is derived from the Italian word affresco which means ”fresh”. It’s a textured open weave (similar to hopsack) made from tropical wool that’s best known for it’s airy property – you can feel a breeze pass right through this beauty.


For more fabric combination ideas, you can always search our library of looks using the Style Guide.


Thanks, as always, for reading. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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