The AOS Experience: New Client Testimonial

December 18th, 2015

BANG BANG! Just received some awesome feedback from one of our first clients.

David is 5’9″, 135 lbs. He struggles with off-the-rack menswear because his chest size is a 34 (very hard to find) and he’s in-between a ‘Short’ and ‘Regular’ length at that size. “I have a short and slender torso, but very long arms. The sleeves on a size ‘Short’ are about an inch too short, while the jacket length on a ‘Regular’ is too long.”

Well, that’s what we’re here for. Three weeks after his first purchase (the Cherrywood Flannel 2-Piece Suit –  great choice) David was sent a custom try-on suit for his initial fit assessment. This garment, as seen below in his initial fitting photo, was pre-adjusted for him based on his client profile questionnaire. The best part is, David gets to keep the fitting garment for any updates to his profile in the future (he can also wear the try-on pants and try-on shirt, which are fully constructed).

Jacket Front

As with every client, I personally reviewed all 8 photos of David’s try-on suit (as well as his open feedback regarding the test fit) with our team of experienced pattern-makers and tailors.

For his custom garment we decided to let-out the stomach 5/8″ each side, lower the button stance 3/4″, square the shoulder lines to clean up the back collar, shorten the sleeves and body of the jacket, take-in the armholes and trim the biceps, and let-out the shoulders 1/4″ (which we wanted to keep trim, due to his overall size).

Four weeks after he uploaded his initial fitting, he received his final garment:

David Tran Final Fit

David didn’t need any final alterations to his first completed garment. If he did, we would advise him on what to change, and pick up the tab for any tweaks performed at his local tailor. Either way, his final pattern is updated and saved for all of his future orders. He no longer needs to do a fitting garment – all of his orders will arrive in four weeks, with the exact same custom fit (unless he changes weight, in which case we’ll update his pattern by reviewing a new fitting in this first garment).

As far as David’s personal feedback on the process and final product:

‘The quality of the garment and fabric is beautiful. The suit fits very well and looks great. It’s remarkable how well it fits simply by using photographs… It fits as well as the in-person bespoke suits I’ve purchased. Thank you Dan & team, congratulations on this venture, and job well done!”

So cheers to another satisfied client and another classic American garment delivered! If you have any questions regarding our garments or fitting process, you can reach us at


Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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