Back to School in Style feat. Alex Wilson

January 30th, 2012

We received plenty of positive feedback from last Fall’s “Back to Campus in Style” post featuring Alex Wilson. So much, actually, that we decided to bring him back.

I, like many of our readers, appreciate his tasteful (and budget friendly) campus style.

Here, he gives us a taste of what he’s been wearing this winter in his Junior year at the University of Cincinnati.

1. Unstructured Jacket w/ Desert Boots

“Today I was meeting with a classmate over coffee to discuss a project we’re working on.

I usually go with this duffle bag if I don’t need to carry a whole lot. I really like that it’s made from a wool tweed – a classic menswear fabric. It reminds me of a vintage blazer. The best part, it was a thrift find.”

“I used the yellow cardigan to add some life to the winter color scheme. I think that people can get too caught up in the weather, causing their dress, and mood, to be dull.”

2. Casual Blazer

“This outfit is one of my favorites… I really like to mix shades of blue. It’s a safe and flattering color for men.”

Blue is one of those colors that often complements itself (rather than clashing) in different shades.

“The shoes were a Christmas gift from my girlfriend. They have easily become my favorite pair.”

3. Necktie Casual

An email I get one or twice a week: “SB, I’m in college. I want to dress up, but I don’t want to look too dressed up or like I’m taking myself too seriously – it’s college after all.”

There are plenty of ways to dress “down the middle”; well put-together but not too formal. In my opinion, it’s the ideal way to dress. To be ready for just about any occasion and be relatable/approachable to just about anybody.

This look is a great example. Alex uses the cap and the use of fabric and pattern to turn a traditional “dressy” look into a “casually put together” look. Perfect for a day of classes or drinks at the college pub.

“This wool cap is great because it keeps my head warm and looks casual – but not too casual like a fitted or snapback.”

Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by William Mata.