The Camel Hair Peacoat

January 18th, 2016

If you follow us on instagram, you know that some of our fabrics have been moving fast. The Ivy Glenplaid, Natural Tweed, and Light Navy Hopsack are already sold out.

Every season our production team scour’s the globe (or at least the major international fabric tradeshows) in search of the best menswear fabrics to add to our collection(s). The gift and the curse is: we don’t have an unlimited amount. Because we buy and test every fabric far in advance, once a roll of fabric is sold-out, that particular style is gone forever. We like it this way; it makes every AOS garment limited edition, and even more special to that client. Some rolls have enough fabric to make fifty pieces, others as little as ten.

As we start to prepare our offering for late Winter/early Spring, we’ve been sampling some killer lightweight outerwear. I’m very, very excited about our first Spring/Summer collection. Our latest sample, now available for custom fittings, is a classic double-breasted peacoat in a butter-soft camel hair.

Here our good friend Ignacio Quiles does us the honor of introducing the AOS Camel Hair Peacoat, cut for you and build to last by real American tailors.


I love using Ignacio as a model because he shows how timeless great tailoring can be.

Whether you’re 25 and looking for a wardrobe that will make professionals take you seriously, or your 65 and you’re showing the young guns that you still got it, our goal is to create great-fitting garments that are designed to last the test of time.


A traditional wool peacoat (originally issued by the US Navy) is usually cut a little shorter (around mid hip, since it’s not typically worn over a tailored jacket). We like to cut ours at “3/4 length” (mid thigh), to allow it to cross-over between the casual vibe of a peacoat and the dressy vibe of a camel hair overcoat.


Of course, if you’d like a custom American peacoat with a more traditional/casual length (or in any of our other outerwear fabrics, like midnight wool perhaps) than we can cut that for you as well.

We’re your custom clothiers, here to serve your long-term wardrobe needs.

Let’s get creative.


Classic Camel Hair Coat

Hollywood Flannel Trouser

Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to the forever-fly Ignacio. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier