Broken-In Luxury feat. Philip Crangi

February 8th, 2012

Back by popular request after last Summer’s “How to Wear Man Jewelry” post, my favorite jewelry designer Phil Crangi shows us what he’s been rocking this “winter”.

What I love about Philip’s renowned personal style is his ability to wear his clothes with personality. He understands the importance of investing in quality items, but that doesn’t mean they have to look pristine. He is proof that well-made clothing is built to be resilient and looks better over time with a little worn-in character.

Perhaps it comes from his philosophy on jewelry design, as he comments here about his new capsule collection for Giles & Brother:

“What we always try to do at Giles & Brother is to create that iconic piece you have been searching for your whole life and haven’t yet found.  This capsule is no different in that we concentrated on creating that one, seemingly elusive, perfect and masculine piece of jewelry that one wears forever.”

Here, he gives us 5 examples of how to pull it off.

1. Workwear 9-5 

“This is a bit of a workwear look for me.  As a matter of fact I wear this to work almost every day.”

“The toughness of this hex nut cuff goes well with this outfit. It’s a really wearable piece”

I’m not a big fan of mens bracelets, mainly because they’ve become a craze and it’s gone too far. I see guys wearing dozens of different wrist wraps in multiple colors and fabrics…it’s too much.

Philip does it right. He keeps it simple, with the focus on one awesome piece (that happens to be a perfect match for his wicked vintage Barbour).

  • Blue cashmere cardigan by Inhabit ·
  • Grey jeans by Helmut Lang ·
  • Cape Cod watch by Hermes ·
  • Black waxed canvas jacket by Barbour ·
  • Blue & Green check flannel shirt by JCrew ·
  • Yellow and black check wool scarf by Comme des GARÇONS ·
  • Brown leather boots by Doc Marten ·
  • Leather hex nut cuff by Giles & Brother

2. Devil’s in the Details

“This professorial look is achieved with both the classic signet ring and lizard loafers.”

“The vintage Saville Row tweed blazer, like the gold hook bracelet, have a kind of worn in luxury that compliment each other well.”

Brown/green jacket, brown/green shades.

Vintage tweed, worn in cords, washed scarf.

Ostrich skin watchband, lizard skin loafers.

The little touches that bring his outfits together are subtle and tasteful.

The outfit gets better the more you learn about it and see the details.

  • Brown tweed jacket (vintage) ·
  • Grey corduroys by RRL ·
  • Brown plastic sunglasses by Barton Perreira ·
  • Signet ring (vintage) ·
  • Blue linen and silk sweater by Dries Van Notten ·
  • Brown leather penny loafers by Churches ·
  • Blue linen scarf by Inhabit ·
  • 14k gold hook with leather lashing by Giles & Brother

3. Past Meets Present

“I’ve been feeling kind of nostalgic.  There is something about an ’80s proportion, not exactly “Buffalo” but with a nod to that kind of look.”

“This vintage coat was such a great find.  It feels so modern but it is from the ’50s.

These understated Giles & Brother pieces add clean modern lines to an otherwise vintage look.”

So much artistic personality in this look – from the graphic print, to the bandana scarf, to the white socks.

  • Green lace-up shoes by Churches ·
  • Mohair coat Vintage ·
  • Red Sweatshirt by Keith Haring by Patricia Field ·
  • Brown belt by Hermes ·
  • Visor bracelet by Giles & Brother ·
  • Black hook with leather lashing by Giles & Brother ·
  • Navy bandana neckerchief ·
  • Raw denim jeans by APC

4. Seaman Inspired 

“This is a favorite “winter in new york” outfit. Maybe it’s the blond beard but I tend to default to the seafarer look.”

“The hex nut cuff and the id bracelet in black compliment the mood.”

I love how Philips looks are often drawn from a specific inspiration – workwear, professorial, vintage, seafarer, etc.

It’s a common trait among designers I think.


Sky Blue Broadcloth Shirt

5. Tough Guy Elegance


Masculine jewelry isn’t reserved for casual occasions.

With a suited look, though, the touches should be even more minimal and subtle.

“Cognac diamonds set in dark steel rings give this dress up look the right edge – one of the few cases where men look good in diamonds”

Even his suited look is full of personality – the play on dark colors/fabrics, the flare on the pants, the minimal collar pin, the perforated slip-ons, the chunky tortoise shades, the badass belt…


  • Grey Wool suit by Sabitino ·
  • Black perforated shoes by Prada ·
  • Black tie by Jill Sander ·
  • Black belt by Louis Vuitton ·
  • Tortoise sunglasses by Tom Ford

Thanks, as always, for reading – and thanks again to Philip for participating!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford.