1 Piece/3 Ways – The Vintage Statement Coat

February 27th, 2012

Not everything in vintage stores is truly “vintage”. Buyers from these specialty shops typically select their merchandise from multiple sources, including affluent New Yorkers who donate pieces that they don’t find themselves wearing and are taking up too much valuable space in their apartments.

I picked up this recent-season Brooks Brothers toggle coat, which looked like it had never been worn, for $40 and had it tailored by my man Franklin at The Tailoring Room.

Here, I styled it for five different occasions.

1. Office Ready


A toggle (or “duffle” – if it’s made from genuine duffle fabric) is a great alternative to the classic topcoat for business wear.

Oxford shirt, flannel trousers, cashmere cardigan, suede shoes – a can’t-fail approach to business casual for Fall/Winter.


If you find a good deal on something, don’t be afraid to splurge at the tailor to make it look just right. I often spend two or three times more at the tailor than at the retail store (especially when shopping vintage).


Wool Flannel Trouser in Mid Gray

White USA Oxford Shirt

2. Weekend Getaway

It’s an awesome finishing touch to sharpen a more muted casual look.

The coat is also super warm. This is a look that is ready for any kind of weather, even though it has been mild for the most part here in NYC.

  • Grey crewneck sweater by Levi’s ·
  • Aviator shades by Ralph Lauren Purple Label ·
  • Red toggle coat by Brooks Brothers ·
  • Brown boots by LL Bean
  • · Brown corduroy jeans by H&M

Pima Corduroy Trouser in Chestnut

3. Around Gotham


Some days in the city call for multiple stops. For me that can mean class -> gym -> design studio -> dinner -> drinks…

It helps to have a sharp casual look that can take me through the day and that works in the evening (and early morning) as well.


I’ve always liked the edgy “murderous” vibe of sharp black leathers.

The white socks with low-vamp slippers is a slight nod to the late Michael Jackson – one of my style icons.

  • Red toggle coat by Brooks Brothers ·
  • Black belted cardigan by Engineered Garments ·
  • White cotton tee by Rich in Clothing ·
  • Black waxed jeans by Nudie Jeans ·
  • Black velvet tassel slippers by Stubbs & Wooton ·
  • Black leather duffle by Kenneth Cole ·
  • Black aviator shades by Persol ·
  • Black unlined leather gloves by Saks Fifth Avenue

Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford.