What I Wore Today: Bespoke Veterans

August 12th, 2015

Rule #1 of Articles of Style: bring your “A Game” every day!

“Bespoke Veterans”

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A pure linen suit never fails. I was meeting with LA tailor to the superstars Waraire Boswell, so I thought it would be appropriate to wear his Nehru band collar shirt.


I do feel that the double monkstrap trend has become a little much in the menswear community, but I still really love these pebbled leather “dub monks” with ostrich skin on the captoe and heel.

  • “Fitzgerald” shades by Vint & York ·
  • “Nehru” Band Collar Shirt by Waraire Boswell ·
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic ·
  • Black ostrich monkstrap shoes by Awl & Sundry
  • · Navy Linen Suit

Marine Linen Suit

Waraire Boswell


Waraire Boswell, as profiled here, has a unique style that is all his own.

I love watching designers develop their own aesthetic, spin it into a brand, then find enough entrepreneurial spirit (ie. willingness to take enough punches) to grind and make a viable business out of it. Watch for big things coming from this man.

burgundy-common-project-oxford-patent-leather-plaid trousers
  • Corduroy DB jacket by Waraire Boswell ·
  • Shirt by Waraire Boswell ·
  • Trousers by Waraire Boswell ·
  • Shoes by Common Projects

Khaled Nasr


When we first started developing our online bespoke process, we put together a list of discerning gentlemen to test it on. I thought; if we’re going to offer bespoke fittings online, then we should be able to nail the fit even for the most experienced and knowledgeable clients.

Who better to test our new fitting process then Khaled Nasr. He’s amassed a strong following for his razor-cut suits and his unapologetically Italian style. He’s also the number one client, and unofficial brand ambassador, of the respected Italian tailoring house Sciamat.

So a few months ago I sent Khaled a custom fitting garment and had him go through our online fitting process. My goal was to replicate the fit (and style) of his Sciamat suits, without taking a single measurement of him… This navy hopsack suit is the end result. Considering Khaled wears his tailoring cut to-the-bone, I’d say this test went very well. And as far as the only opinion that matters; Khaled was impressed and loves the suit!

We’re starting to get excited, but we’ll share more on our collection and our exclusive fitting process soon. I should note that the garments in this Fall’s AoS Bespoke Collection will not look exactly like this one. This was purely a test of our digital fitting process – the garment was custom designed only for Khaled.

  • Textured White Broadcloth Shirt ·
  • Sunglasses by Ray-Ban ·
  • Tie by Beckett & Rob ·
  • Pocket Square by Viola Milano ·
  • Shoes by Arfango
  • · Navy Suit

Essential Worsted Suit in Navy

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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