The People of Liberty Fairs 2015

July 21st, 2015

What a week!! The team and I have been in NYC on a roller-coaster ride of menswear shenanigans.

First was the shows at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, the first time NYC has done a fashion week specifically for menswear. And it was a hot one. Next up we hooped in the Fall Classic Basketball Game and got the W for team Blind Barber, of course. And for the next three days we’re at Liberty Fairs, the premier menswear tradeshow, hosting the annual Articles of Style Gentleman’s Lounge. Yesterday we caught up with many of our East coast friends in the business, gave a select few a sneak-peek at our upcoming tailoring collection, and photographed our favorite Summer outfits at the show.

Here are some of the stylish gentleman that we had the pleasure of hanging with yesterday.

Jonathan Sigmon

Jonathan is Allan Flusser‘s right hand man, which, I can imagine, is not an easy job. Jon knows his stuff when it comes to designing, measuring and fitting bespoke tailoring. He also has this relaxed East coast aesthetic that is casually tailored in a comfortable and natural way. Along with a soft shouldered jacket in a seasonal fabric, he’s also wearing some of our favorite mini-trends for summer; frayed denim, gladiator sandals, and a muted Hawaiian shirt.

 Perkins Bien Aime

Perkins, aka garcon a la mode, is a Beverly Hills based blogger that we met on the other side of the country. Clean, simple, tailored, seasonal – you know that’s right up our alley.

Minn Hur

Minn Hurr, aka the Soft Spoken Gangster, is one of the best tailoring designers in the game, in my opinion. His presentation at at NYFWM’s was one of our best of the week. Think classic tailoring with 1920’s gangster-inspired details, including pins on long pointed “Good Fellas” collars.

Joe Kenneth

Joe Kenneth is a poet, writer, and all around creative stylish guy. I’m loving this t-shirt, double-breasted waistcoat, and boater hat combo. Again, we can’t say enough about the “coolness” factor of casual tailoring. More on that soon…

Matt Deckard

Matt Deckard wears a lot of hats – literally and figuratively. He’s the Creative Director at Stetson, the classic American headwear brand. He’s a vault of knowledge when it comes to the history or menswear and the finer points of garment production. And, from what I hear, he’s an unbelievable swing dancer… “The girls go ccraaaazzzyyyy” our mutual friend (and badass motherf-cker) Ignacio Quiles told me yesterday.

Matthew Karl Gale

Matthew is a market researcher and product developer who specializes in the accessories category. He’s designed eyewear collections for brands such as Nautica and Sean John and has assisted with collections from Michael Kors and Nike, among others. As you’d expect, he showed up in some awesome accessories: perfectly fitting frames, a classic panama hat, a floral cotton summer tie, and some vintage novelty braces that just peak out under his tailored waistcoat.

 Charley Marcuse

Charley is a sales associate and buyer at the Claymore Shop – a menswear destination in Birmingham, Michigan. You know this guy takes his tailoring seriously if he’s wearing a double-breasted three-piece suit on a 93 degree day in NYC. In the name of all things classic menswear (and badass grooming), we had to show Old-World-Charley some love.

Dan Trepanier

This is me, after a long and hot day, in a wrinkled linen glenplaid suit, raw silk tie, and a pair of custom alligator shoes.

Wes Dimagiba

Wes came through to the show, in his signature band collar shirt and trim cut tailoring. He’s been training for a power lifting competition (he’s benching 300+ and deadlifting 500+), so he’s been starting to blow-out of his slim jackets a little…

Monsieur Greg

We were wrapping up our day and breaking down the photo studio when we saw Greg walking the show. We were a little distracted by the end of the day (the whiskey and pool table were already in full force), so unfortunately we didn’t get his last name… What we do know is that he’s got style. And an incredible hardcase + spectators combo. Well played, sir. (EDIT: Thanks to Julian in the comments we now know this is Greg Chapman, creative Director for H. W. Carter and Sons)

Thanks, as always, for reading. Some great content coming up from Liberty & NYC!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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