The Best-Dressed Men on Instagram, Part 2

July 2nd, 2015

Great personal style takes time, experimentation, and a rock solid sense of self.  It can take years, and a lot of misses, to develop a refined sense of style that is all your own. But once you arrive, there is no denying the authenticity of good taste.

Following up on our first edition of the best-dressed folks on Instagram, here are 10 more people (in no particular order) who are worth a follow if you’re seeking style inspiration.


Australian footwear designer Christian Kimber embodies the casually tailored lifestyle, and also makes some really cool shoes. He’s a little camera shy (we’ve been trying to feature him for a minute) but his new collection is launching in exactly 6 days and 5 hours, according to his website countdown.


Aleks is a tailoredwear designer and co-founder of Musika Frere  (his partner Davidson Petit-Frere is very sharp as well). They travel around the country delivering suits to celebrities and high-profile clients, wearing their signature structured and tightly tapered silhouettes.


One of the founders of neckwear brand Shibumi Berlin. He knows a thing or two about classic menswear and tailoring proportions; high-waisted trousers and 7-fold neckties included.


Ok, they’re not all men. You know we love a woman in menswear. Last time we highlighted Sarah Ann Murray, this time it’s our friend Ashley from Grandpa Style with that perfect amount of oversized, nonchalant tailoring.


This guy is like a little taste of Pitti Uomo all year round. A little peacocky at times, but it’s good to follow guys who take a little risk with their wardrobes. Even if they miss from time to time, it’s inspiring to keep thinking outside the box and taking some pleasure in clothing.


R&B singer Jesse Boykins III has a funky, soulful sound. Naturally, he also has funky, soulful style. Few guys wear vintage menswear this fluidly and with this much swagger.


Our boy Wes is now full-time servicing clients at Michael Andrews Bespoke, and he consistently makes the product look really f-ing bossy.


Maybe it’s not fair because they can share clothes, but these twins have created a nice little brand for themselves in the custom menswear space. I’ve never met them, but they seem like really good dudes.


This Madrid-based tailoring designer has created one of the most unique brands of tailoring in the bespoke space – including sorbet colored suits, aggressively cut tailcoats , and theatrically shaped lapels. The best part is, it looks like he’s really enjoying life throughout the process.

@swannjoachim & @loicjoachim

Another set of twins, with a much different aesthetic. These young Parisian Gentleman truly embody Parisian street style, complete with unfussy designer pieces, monochromatic layers, and just the right number of accessories. They remind us that simple is cool and “high-fashion” should be worn with a comfortable nonchalance.


Who did I miss? Use the comments section below to nominate your favorite instagram style icons.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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