How It Should Fit: The Denim Jacket

May 26th, 2015

Next up in our How It Should Fit series is a Spring staple in casual menswear; the iconic denim trucker jacket. You can wear it a million different ways and it will always give you that slightly preppy, very Americana feel.

Weather you dress it up, down, or somewhere in between, here’s how it should fit.


Just like a tailored jacket, the fit of the shoulders determines how the rest of the jacket will sit on the body. A denim jacket is meant to be worn very trim, borderline snug, so look for one with a shoulder line that meets your own (and doesn’t sag down the arm).


The jacket should hit a few inches below the waist, around the widest part of the hips, just less than halfway down the seat.



A denim jacket is supposed to be trim. It’s a young and hip jacket, so it should be cut to make you look the same. You’re rarely going to fasten the front buttons, but you should still be able to (just barely) in case you want to layer it under another jacket.


A narrow sleeve is key. Look for a high armhole, a trim upper arm, and a sleeve that hits just past the wrist, grazing the hand (there shouldn’t be any shirt cuff showing here).



I almost always wear the collar up (or half-up) on trucker jackets, so I prefer a stiff heavy denim that has some body to it, like this 14oz denim piece from Levi’s


For more Spring outfit ideas including denim jackets (or any other menswear items), don’t forget you can always use the Style Guide to browse the AoS archives.


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