The Retro Polo Sweater

May 4th, 2015

I enjoy experimenting with different shirt styles, especially in the Spring/Summer when menswear options become a little more limited. Years ago I found a thick-knit mustard yellow polo sweater in a vintage store, and I loved it. It was a really cool shirt, but it was made of a scratchy wool fabric that couldn’t really be worn without an undershirt. I always wanted a replacement – the retro look cut in a soft breathable cotton.

Then last week I was walking in West Hollywood and spotted these really cool retro-inspired polo sweaters. With a pair of tailored trousers, they have this sort of old-school, mature leisure, Tony Soprano vibe…

Here’s a few examples to round-out your polo collection.

Half Zip

mensstyledan (2 of 8)

A polo sweater has ribbed cuffs and a ribbed hem, creating a slight “billow” effect rather than being body-forming through the midsection. Great for us guys who’s stomachs aren’t as flat as they used to be.

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  • Clubmaster sunglasses by Ray-Ban ·
  • Navy polo sweater by Reiss ·
  • Black alligator watch band by Montblanc ·
  • Black ostrich monkstrap shoes by Awl & Sundry

Color Blocked


Gradpa chic is a real thing. Pleated trousers, braces, kilted loafers…all the things that pepe used to wear have been re-interpreted for a younger and hipper audience. I love how menswear always retains its history, even in modern adaptations.

The polo sweater, like this loosely woven v-neck version, is a great transitional piece – especially since menswear doesn’t offer many alternatives in the way of short-sleeved sweaters.

  • Brown Straw Hat by Stetson ·
  • The “Harlem” Retro polo sweater by Reiss ·
  • Tropical wool trousers ·
  • Suede loafers by Paul Evans ·
  • Brown leather tote by Frank Clegg x Dan Trepanier

Micro Print


You may be seeing a theme on AOS lately: wearing suit trousers as casual pants. This is why I always invest in seasonal fabrics (like this wool/linen micro-houndstooth), because it makes for a perfect casual (or business casual) trouser.


Marine Linen Trouser

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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